Americans On The Move

We Americans have cultivated a pretty cool image. Always looking ahead. Aiming high. Ready for adventure. And always on the move. That can-do, movin’ and shakin’ energy is part of our DNA. And even in the literal sense…Americans really do move a lot. That’s why we’re giving a nod to National Moving Month this May, sharing some interesting facts and stats on an activity that’s very much baked into the buying and selling of real estate. We’ll even throw in some actual moving tips!

Moving in the U.S.A

  • The average American moves to new digs about once every five years.
  • About 36-42 million people in the U.S. move in an average year. That’s about 12-14 percent of us.
  • There are about 17 million “long distance” moves (out of the same county) each year, with over a million out of the country.
  • People in the 18-34 year-old category move most. People over 65 move less than anyone else.

Sooner or later, you too will move

Moving to a new place is a major undertaking that requires logistics, muscles, trucks, insurance, and ideally, pros who know what they’re doing. There are several ways to tackle the task, mostly depending on budget, household items you own, and distance you’ll be moving, from across town to across the country. Basic options:

1. Hiring a brand-name moving company.

Most people moving into a home have accumulated enough “stuff” to justify this option.
Prices will range from roughly $1,000 on up, depending on price-boosting factors like buying boxes, how many belongings you own, more large items like sofas and mattresses to move, distance to your destination, and any “extras” like the one mentioned below.

A Deluxe Extra

Most major moving companies will come in and beautifully pack up every single piece of furniture, fork & spoon, tool and towel you have, move it all to your new home and put everything in the right room. It’s more expensive but if you can swing it, it’s worth every penny.

2. The “calling all cars” option

Having friends help you move. We’ve all been here, especially in our apartment days, or even for first-home move-ins when money is tight. All the basic moving guidelines apply (see below). But don’t forget the Golden Rule: be ready when your friends arrive – all your stuff boxed up, buttoned down, ready to roll. Don’t make your pals wait around while you pack, or worse, actually have to help you pack.

Using movers? Get at least three estimates. Then check their references and make sure they’re bonded, insured, and that they’ll do exactly what you want them to do.

Pack an overnight bag of essentials. You’ll need them right away. Toiletries, meds, a change of clothes, computer, phone chargers, etc.

Put most-needed items in clear plastic bins. Spot plates and sliverware, cookware, toilet paper and towels, small tools and other must-haves more quickly amidst that sea of cardboard boxes.

Pre-clean bathrooms and the kitchen befor they get jammed with boxes

Wrap fragile items in towels and clothing to save on bubble-wrap.

Buy a roll of stretch-wrap. This 18-24″ wide plastic sheeting helps you keep boxes and “like iterms” together, and protects you belongs too.

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