Amore For All: Valentine’s Day Celebrations with Heart

Some people are cupid-crazy, while others believe Valentine’s Day exists simply to fatten the bank accounts of florists and chocolatiers. But the bottom line is, you can celebrate all kinds of love on February 14th. And whether you’re part of a committed couple or splendidly single, there are lots of fun, easy and inexpensive things you can do to offer warmth and appreciation to friends, family, loved ones, or people you don’t even know (yet!).”

Here are some sweet and simple ideas to get you started:

Be Noteworthy

People love to find cool things when they least expect it. So, give them some uplifting words to stumble across! Make up small notecards with your favorite inspirational quotes or heartfelt thoughts of your own. Wherever you go (coffee shop, supermarket, etc.), leave a few of them lying around to brighten someone’s day.

Memory Montage

Instead of serving up the usual romantic movie on Valentine’s Day, create your own cinematic experience for your significant other. Curate some favorite photos and video clips from your smartphone that feature the most memorable moments from your relationship (vacations, date nights, new family additions, etc.). There are great apps for all types of phone and computer operating systems that make it a snap to produce a heartwarming – or hilarious – tribute to your coupledom.

Creative Cocktails

Champagne may be the go-to beverage for Valentine’s Day, but why just pop a cork when you can mix up something unique? Create a one-of-a-kind cocktail (or mocktail) for a special person in your life and name it after him or her. Serve it whenever you celebrate something together in the future to create a lasting tradition.

Get Classy

Love to learn? Spend the day with one or more of your closest friends taking a class on something you want to deepen your existing knowledge about, or experience for the very first time. Check out local community colleges and recreational centers for workshops on everything from cooking and crafting to modern dance and ancient art forms.

Puppy Love

Spreading love to your fellow humans is the order of the (holi)day, but don’t forget the four-legged friends in your life. Give your pets a special treat or new toy and some extra hugs. And consider visiting a local shelter to socialize with pups and kitties who are waiting for their forever homes.

Give a few of these activities a whirl to celebrate the holiday with simplicity and sincerity!


  • FEBRUARY 1: National Freedom Day
  • FEBRUARY 2: Groundhog Day
  • FEBRUARY 3: Super Bowl Sunday
  • FEBRUARY 11: National Clean Out Your Computer Day
  • FEBRUARY 14: Valentine’s Day
  • FEBRUARY 17: National Acts of Kindness Day
  • FEBRUARY 18: Presidents Day

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