Financing The Future

Too often, when people think of “financial planning,” they focus on the financial part of the equation. Mainly, the fact that they believe their finances aren’t big or impressive enough for a wealth management professional to bother with. But the truth is, the planning is what’s key. Because whether you have $100 in savings or a vast portfolio of investments, there is one thing we all have in common:


And taking the first step of meeting with a financial planner puts time on your side. Here are just a few of the areas a professional can help you with, no matter where you’re starting from:

The word “wealth” alone often keeps people from seeing a planner. But Merriam-Webster defines wealth as “all property that has a money value or an exchangeable value.” So, everything you have – whether it’s a little or a lot – is your wealth. And it deserves to be treated with respect. Wealth management consists of many different aspects, and the right professional will take into account not only your personal situation, but the state of the general economy and current market trends. Your custom-made plan will also include diversification, active management, identifying time horizons, and risk tolerance.

Today’s advances in wellness allow people to live longer healthier lives, which makes preparing financially for the future even more important. We all want to enjoy our lives to the fullest, and having a strategy that allows for financial stability, travel, recreation and income security will help to ensure that we do. Your wealth management professional can provide you with pre- and post-retirement investment and income analyses and develop a retirement income cash flow that shows a clear view of your overall portfolio.

While planning for the unexpected isn’t the most enjoyable part of money management, it’s still an important aspect of your financial future. Your planner will analyze many different insurance carriers to provide you with the best options for your individual needs. This may include cost-effective life insurance and estate planning to protect and preserve your legacy and proper long-term care insurance.

Finding a Financial Fit
Money is a sensitive topic for a lot of people, so it’s important to find a planner you feel comfortable working with. Take the time to interview a few different people and look for someone that you feel…

  • Has to experience in investment management, financial counseling and retirement planning
  • Will gladly explain how they are compensated
  • Cares about you and understands your needs
  • Can explain things in terms you understand
  • Will always act with your best interests in mind

Think you can’t afford to see a financial planner? Ask yourself if you can afford not to. When it comes to financial planning, “someday” should be today.

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