Ideas to Rock Your October

You’ve survived summer, braved back-to-school, and the holidays are on the horizon. But before you jump straight into the hoopla, now is a great time to slow down and remember the fun and festive traditions – from football to familiar fall flavors – that make us look forward to October all year long. It’s also the perfect opportunity to welcome some fresh celebratory touches to your repertoire!

Here are a few simple ways to honor your cherished customs and create some new seasonal favorites:


Nothing screams “fall” like the annual avalanche of pumpkin spice products. But when everything from your latte to your lip balm is infused with this beloved blend, a little flavor exchange may be in order. Try ginger as a bold, spicy tea, or pair it with apples or chocolate to mellow the bite. Add tart pomegranate seeds to breakfast foods, salads and desserts. Swap out regular sugar in recipes for the rich, nutty sweetness of maple.


Halloween may be the go-to holiday of this month, but there are plenty of other lesser-known October traditions both here and abroad that are worth exploring. In Paris, France tourists and locals enjoy the White Night (“Nuit Blanche”), a festival of Parisian culture where all attractions are open until dawn. Warrens, Wisconsin hosts the world’s largest cranberry festival where over 100,000 visitors take marsh tours and sample seasonal treats. And take a page from Maine’s Acadia Night Sky Festival by doing some stargazing in your own backyard.


October is the one month of the year where three major sports – baseball, basketball and football – are happening at once. So, watch a few games with the family, then get outside and play together. Flag football is fun for kids of all ages (adults, too!) to play in the fall months before the winter chill sets in.


Change up your traditional pumpkin patch perusal for a trip to an apple orchard. Harvest your own fruit to turn into cider (some larger orchards make it on site). Take home the rest of your fruitful bounty to make applesauce, apple butter or old-fashioned apple pie.


Drop your devices for the day and get the whole family out for a nature walk. Encourage kids to see how many treasures they can find (abandoned bee hives, leaves, bird feathers, etc. are plentiful this time of year). Let their sense of wonder and adventure – and yours – take the lead.

Integrate one or more of these ideas to enjoy a beautiful blending of time-honored traditions and new autumn adventures!


  • OCTOBER 3: National Techies Day
  • OCTOBER 5: World Teachers’ Day
  • OCTOBER 8: Columbus Day
  • OCTOBER 16: Boss’s Day
  • OCTOBER 24: United Nations Day
  • OCTOBER 27: Navy Day
  • OCTOBER 31: Halloween

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