Chris Butts

VP Sales Manager

NMLS# 613440

I graduated Bentley College with an accounting degree in 2002 and promptly landed at DeWolfe Mortgage in Lexington, MA. A few months later I realized the real excitement was in sales and not accounting (surprise!) and made a quick transition. I joined Leader Bank in 2009 in search of the perfect match - the best rates, combined with the best process in the industry. After finding my perfect match - I made this my motto. Best rates + best service = best deal. Being able to offer the top rates and service in the industry and being available by phone or email to my clients 7 days a week allows me to offer what I feel is the best deal for my clients. This formula and dedication has allowed me to grow my business to become one of the top loan officers in the State, ranking #8 for both volume and number of loans in 2018.

The idea surrounding this website is that I wanted to give prospective buyers the opportunity to do some research on their own, whether they weren't quite ready to jump into the pre-approval process, or they had completed a pre-approval but still had a lot of questions remaining. The site is really created in two parts. A basic, easy to understand path to success on the home buying process in 7 easy steps. Second, a frequently asked questions section covering some of the most frequent questions and discussions I talk to clients about on a daily basis. I am hopeful everyone will find this information helpful and I welcome any questions and feedback. My goal, as always, is a stress free buying experience. Best rates + Best service = best deal. Here is a recent article I did for Mortgage Professional America magazine.

Top Originator: Chris Butts found his $110 Million sweet spot.