Keith joined Leader Bank in 2014 after 12 years at his prior company and has helped more than 20,000 clients secure financing for their homes. Known for his client-centric approach and upbeat personality, Keith is not only a favorite of borrowers but also of the realtors, attorneys, and financial planners whose clients he dependably satisfies. The fact that each one of his clients was sourced from referrals is a testament to his superb service.

Every year since 2009, Keith’s performance placed him in an elite tier of Mortgage Originators in the country with 2021 representing his second largest year-to-date after 15 years of steady growth. Keith and his team of five dedicated processors, underwriters, and closers use all of Leader Bank’s resources to smoothly guide his clients through the purchase and refinance processes.

A MetroWest native, Keith graduated with a B.S. in Finance from Bryant University. He currently resides in Medfield with his wife, 12 and 8-year-old daughters and 4-year-old son. He enjoys fishing, boating, and all of the Boston sports teams. Keith isn’t far removed from being a first-time homeowner himself, and he specializes in helping young buyers navigate the entirety of the purchase process.

Ranked Scotsman Guide Top Producers in the country from 2009-2021 Ranked Mortgage Executive Top 200 Mortgage Originators from 2009-2021
#66 in 2021 #30 in 2021
#41 in 2020 #24 in 2020
#40 in 2019 #37 in 2018
#49 in 2018 #39 in 2017
#53 in 2017 #26 in 2016
#39 in 2016 #39 in 2015
#51 in 2015 #89 in 2014
#116 in 2014 #88 in 2013
#100 in 2013 #80 in 2012
#105 in 2012 #82 in 2011
#98 in 2011  #151 in 2010
#151 in 2010  

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