Vikas Selhi joined Leader Bank in 2007 and has been one of the banks top producers since. He has been in the mortgage industry for over a decade and prides himself on his strong production and customer first approach. Vikas a dynamic professional, having a core competency in Sales & Marketing, takes an educational approach to lending and ensures that expectations are set up front and that customers fully understand the process. “My approach creates happy people and happy people refer friends”

Vikas was formally educated in India where he earned his MBA. After school Vikas joined a multi-national Bank in India where he learns the practical application of his studies. In 2007 he migrated to the United States and join Leader Bank in the same year, after joining Leader Bank he found his passion for lending. Vikas’ personal production is very strong – Since 2009 Vikas has closed over 2400 loans in excess of $789,000,000. In addition to his own staggering personal production, Vikas oversees a team of Loan Officers and has used his experience to help create and foster a successful environment on Leader’s corporate Loan Officer team.

* Excellent in Communication & Relationship Building…..*

Specialties: Concept selling, Relationship Oriented Approach, Sales and Marketing of financial products.

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