Market Snapshot Quarterly Comparisons

The Housing Market and U.S. Economy Now

How are American consumers feeling at the end of the third quarter this year compared to
the same time last year? The September National Association of Realtors (NAR) Home
Opportunities and Market Experience (HOME) Survey revealed the following:

Consumers overall have expressed a slight uptick in their belief that their personal
financial situations will improve in the next six months, with renters being more optimistic
than homeowners:

In spite of a generally upbeat perspective on the housing market, economy and personal
financial outlook, there’s a definite public perception that saving money for down payments
is difficult. If you or anyone you know would like information on the many low down payment
options available, call or email – we’re here to help!

*NAR’s HOME Survey includes data acquired by TetroMetrica Market Intelligence who surveyed 2709 Americans during each month of the third
quarter and compiled historical results from past surveys for comparison

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