New Year, New Yard: Welcome Spring, Upgrade Your Outdoors


2018 is already in full swing, but when it comes to your yard, the arrival of spring is actually the start of the new year for your yard. As the cold weather subsides, now is the perfect time to focus on helping the outside of your home to shape up and shine for the seasons to come.
Here are some inexpensive, inspired updates that will garner compliments from friends and neighbors in no time.

Freshen Up First Impressions

“Curb appeal” is the mantra of Realtors everywhere, but it’s not just important when you’re selling your home. Nothing feels better than driving up to your house after a long day and being proud of what you see. Try one or more of these simple, cost-effective fixes: paint your front door, replace faded house numbers and out-of-date exterior light fixtures, plant a tree or install flower boxes.

Fountain of Youth

A water feature doesn’t have to be an elaborate, multi-level waterfall. But even a smaller fountain is a surefire facelift for your outdoor space. Standalone fountains can be installed in a day and cost as little as $200, providing a garden accent that offers both visual beauty and the relaxing audible ambience of trickling water.

Step It Up

A stepping stone pathway is great way to connect different parts of your yard or draw visitors into various areas of your garden. All you need are some pavers (at least a few feet across) or pieces of natural flagstone. Place the pieces on the ground about 18 inches apart to match the average person’s stride. Rounded pieces give a softer look, while those with angles offer a modern edge.

Covering Ground

Adding mulch or rock groundcover is a quick and easy makeover. Add a rounded border around trees, surround ground-based plants or cover entire areas of your garden or yard. Place a layer of pebbles just around the base of a tree or covering the surface of a planter for an extra touch of design.

Stone Age

The simple addition of one or two boulders can make a dramatic change to the dynamics of your yard. The good news is, you don’t need Stonehenge-sized rocks. Choose boulders that are one to two feet in diameter. If you’re installing them yourself, be sure to use a dolly (even smaller stones can weigh 75-100 pounds each).

Try one or more of these easy improvements and take your yard from standard to stellar.

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