Post-Holiday Homescape: Keeping It Cozy

After the holidays are done, most of us take down colorful decorations, pack them in boxes and forget about them until next year. But while some post-celebration decluttering can be cathartic, it can also leave your house feeling a bit stark. Good news is, you can still create a cozy and inviting atmosphere during the colder months without all the obvious themes in the mix.

Here are a few creative ideas to help your home transition from ornament overload to a welcoming winter feel:

Green Scene

The season may be over, but don’t banish your bottle brush trees and garland just yet. When stripped of baubles and glittery accoutrements, the greenery makes a rich addition to your winter style. Use real or faux foliage to accent your entryway, mantel or surrounding fireplace area.

Try Textures

A lot of people winterize things outside the home, but seasonal interior changes can keep rooms looking lively in the gray season. Switch out throw pillows or add some with furry or heavy fabric covers. Consider swapping lighter-weight area rugs for knotted wool or sheepskin. Invest in some extra-thick towels for added warmth and comfort in your bath and shower.

Lighten Up

When the sun is scarce during the dark days of winter, filling your space with light and bright colors can be the next best thing to real rays. Use white or pastel slipcovers or window treatments in your main living area. Change your comforter and bedding to a neutral hue with accent pillows or bolsters in colors reminiscent of blue skies and summer scenery.

Branch Out

Bark and bare branches are naturally beautiful accents that add a rustic feel to any room. Place bare branches interspersed with dried flowers in a large jar or vase as an eye-catching statement piece for your entryway. Hang some forest inspired artwork in your den or home office. Pile a stack of birch logs in a decorative iron holder near your hearth.

Make Scents

Whether it’s freshly baked cookies or scented candles, pleasing aromas are one of the quickest ways to create a comfy environment. Craft your own room spray by filling a 4-ounce spritzer bottle with distilled water, 2-3 teaspoons of alcohol-free witch hazel and up to 40 drops of your favorite essential oils. Fill a pot with water, whole spices and fruit (apples and oranges work great), then bring to a boil and simmer on low heat for a day filled with aromatic awesomeness.

Give a few of these tips a try for a simple – and stylish – seasonal segue!

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