Property Management

ZRent and ZDeposit are digital platforms developed by Leader Bank that offer true convenience for landlord and property managers, as well as their tenants.

Automatic rent & condo fee collection

ZRent takes the hassle out of rent day. Monthly payments are automatically collected from tenants and condo owners and deposited directly into the landlord or property manager’s bank account! No more checks or trips to the bank, and payments are received on a reliable schedule. ZRent is always free for tenants and is free for landlords receiving payments to a Leader Bank account.

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Effortless security deposits

ZDeposit streamlines the opening of tenant security deposit accounts. Not only does ZDeposit help landlords and property managers save time by digitizing the bank account opening process, it also helps them stay compliant by generating required disclosures and sending annual interest payments directly to tenants. ZDeposit is free for all new and existing ZRent users.

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