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Or whenever you want. With Purchase Pass, you’ll confidently
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is as good as done.

✓ Upfront commitment to lend

✓ 10-day closing guarantee (if you want)

✓ As good as a cash offer

✓ Smoother, stress-free closing

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When you’re shopping for a mortgage, finding the best loan officer can be more important than finding the best rate. And remember – the highest bidder doesn’t always win, but the strongest offer usually does. Leader Bank’s dedicated team of loan officers are committed to helping you make your most competitive offer so you can close quickly and confidently with Purchase Pass!

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Purchase Pass Key Benefits:

  • Upfront Commitment: Strengthen your offer with a fully underwritten commitment letter subject only to the review of a future property so sellers know that your loan is as good as funded.
  • 10-Day Closing Guarantee: Enjoy a stress-free closing in as little as 10 business days of receipt of your signed Purchase and Sale Agreement; backed by a $500 credit towards your closing costs.*

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*Subject to borrower’s satisfactory completion of the Purchase Pass program and receipt of an approved Purchase Pass Commitment Letter. Credit approval required. Rate Lock agreement will be required to determine final interest rates and monthly payment. Commitment to close within 10 business days requires (a) Leader Bank’s review and acceptance of a valuation of the chosen property; (b) the ability of the Bank to obtain a clear title commitment and title insurance for a mortgage secured by the property, (c) borrower’s purchase of satisfactory insurance relating to the property as may be required and (d) satisfaction of all other conditions in the final Commitment Letter issued. 10-day closing offer available only for properties in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Eligible borrowers will only receive $500 credit towards closing costs if both (a) the closing date in the purchase and sale agreement is set within 10 business days of Leader Bank’s receipt of the signed agreement and (b) neither borrower nor seller request and receives an extension to the closing date beyond this 10 business day deadline.