Residential Resort: Plan a Perfect Staycation


Warmer weather, more relaxed work schedules and kids on break make summer the most popular time of the year to take a vacation. But while getting away is a lot of fun, travel can be costly and chaotic. So, why not treat yourself to some well-deserved summertime R & R in the comfort of your own amazing homestead? Implement just a few of these simple fixes and you’ll transform your living space into a luxury resort in no time!

Time Out

It may seem blasphemous in the age of compulsive clock-watching but eliminating reminders of time will do wonders to help you leave the daily grind behind. Turn off the clocks, throw your watches in a drawer and – if you’re really brave – banish your cell phone to cyber-Siberia for the weekend.

Axe Your Agenda

Want to make the most of your mini-retreat? Then your “to do list” is a big “don’t.” Scratch your regular schedule and indulge in all the things you love to do, but habitually relegate to the back burner. Bake something decadent. Take a long bike ride. Or do nothing at all…with zero guilt.

Dining Delivery

Even if you love to cook, try retiring the apron and letting someone else sweat it out in the kitchen. Gather all your favorite takeout menus and choose a different cuisine each night of the week. Another great idea: hire someone to come to your home and cook for you. Search online or check with local cooking schools to find a chef who will be happy to prepare an amazing meal (and clean up, too!).

Movie Magic

Grabbing a DVD or streaming a few films for a movie night at home is fine. But there’s nothing like the experience of seeing a story unfold on the big screen. Treat yourself to a night at a theater with stadium seating and comfy reclining chairs. And don’t forget the popcorn!

Book It

Reading is often the first thing to go out the window when time seems short. But it’s not only pleasurable, it’s good for you. A study conducted by the University of Sussex in England showed that stress levels declined by 68% after participants read for just six minutes. Revisit your bookcase or fire up your e-reader and lose yourself in one of the many books you’ve been meaning to dive into.

Staycation Souvenirs

Souvenirs aren’t just for vacations that require packing a suitcase and jumping on a plane. Collect a few special mementos to commemorate your stay-at-home sanctuary. Buy some decorative mugs and use them every morning for your coffee, or splurge on some elegant vases to fill with fresh flowers.

Think out of the box for your in-home retreat for a low-cost, low-key respite!

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