Serene Surroundings: 5 Tips to Revive Your Environment and Beat the Winter Blues

The holiday hoopla may be over, but winter isn’t ready to pack it in. And without the seasonal celebrations to distract us, it can be tough to ride out another three months of gloomy weather that’s more chilling than cheerful.
Good news is, making a few simple changes to your home atmosphere will help you ditch the doldrums in a heartbeat. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Mirror, Mirror…

Mirrors are a quick and easy way to make your home feel brighter, more spacious and open. Mount a wall mirror behind a lamp to help it reflect light, or hang a collection of small mirrors on a wall opposite windows.

Happy Harmonies

Music is a proven mood lifter. And now that the holiday tunes have been retired, it’s time to reclaim your personal playlist. Whether it’s hard rock or soft classical, fill your sound system with whatever makes your spirit soar. Not in the mood for a melody? Try listening to ambient sounds of nature, like ocean waves or falling rain.

Simulate Sunlight

Lighten up the dark winter mornings by switching to blue or white lightbulbs that are the closest to mimicking sunlight. Need help rising and shining? Try dawn simulator lights, which gradually get brighter over a 20-minute period, gently waking you up by imitating the rising sun.

Flower Power

Fresh blooms add an instant shot of color to liven your living space. Flowers like amaryllis and paperwhite are readily available in the winter season. Prefer spring flora? Plant daffodils or tulips in pots inside where the warmer temps give them a jump-start on growing.

Feed Your Feathered Friends

As the temps drop, birds have a harder time finding food. Buy a decorative feeder, or make one by cutting a colorful gourd in half, removing the pulp, hanging it with twine, and filling it with birdseed. You’ll help the winged ones while adding a festive touch to your outdoor décor. Win-win!

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