Simple Tips For A Seasonal Spruce Up

As the heat of summer mellows into the chill of fall, it’s natural to want a change of design to match the shifting seasons. Warmer colors, spicier scents and richer textures all combine to turn your home’s interior into an inviting autumn retreat. But what about the exterior? The outside of your abode sets the tone for visitors. And whether you live in an apartment or a single-family home, there are plentiful ways to make a fantastic first impression.

Here are a few easy ideas to jump-start your creative juices:

Blissful Balconies

Whether you use it to sip tea and read or visit with friends, your balcony is an ideal spot for a special seasonal sanctuary. If space is limited, create a comfy nook with furniture like garden stools that can double as a seat or table. Fill a small basket with fall decorations (acorns, leaves, apples, etc.) and place it on an end table or balcony railing for added fall cheer.

Create Coziness

As the temperatures cool, make your outdoor space warm and inviting. Add soft pillows and fuzzy throw blankets made of knitted wool or faux fur to your patio chairs and couches. Use decorative candles and lanterns for a soft glow. Diffuse essential oils in traditional fall scents like cinnamon or clove for added relaxation.

Chalk It Up

Chalkboard signs aren’t just for java joints and diners. They’re actually a fun and easy way to punch up your porch appeal. Choose a board that can hang on your front door or stand alone as an easel. Grab a collection of colored chalk and design a greeting of your choice. Leave space on the board for friends and family to add their own good wishes or artistic expressions.

Great Gourds

Pumpkins may get the most press this time of year, but there are other members of the gourd family that deserve some attention, too. Fill pottery bowls with acorn or turban squash in colors that range from bright green and orange to white. Gather fresh wildflowers in rustic vases and intersperse them with different sizes of gourds in a cascading fashion down your front steps.

Distinctive Doormats

The humble doormat may not seem like a key design element, but the right one can add a dash of style to your entryway. Try swapping out the traditional fibrous mats for ones made of fancy faux iron or colorful rubber or vinyl. Personalize them with your own heartfelt or humorous welcome message.

Try out a few of these easy embellishments to make your outdoors truly great!

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