Spring Has Sprung! Helpful Hacks to Deep Clean Your Digs


Winter has faded, and everyone is eagerly looking forward to all things spring: fresh flowers, firing up the barbeque and…cleaning? Not so much. The end result of a thorough seasonal scrubbing may be appealing, but the thought of what it will take to get there can make you want to dump the project and embrace the dust bunnies.

The good news is, you can ditch the dirt without chaining yourself to chores for days on end. Here are some simple and savvy housecleaning hacks that will help your home to shine in no time.

Call in the Kids

Whether your square footage is modest or massive, an all-hands approach to spring cleaning is the way ahead. Get the kids involved by assigning age-appropriate tasks (little ones can wipe counters, teens can shampoo carpets), and planning a post-chore treat. Not only will you teach them cleaning skills, they’ll gain an appreciation for the rewards of teamwork, and the importance of taking pride in their home.

Kick the Bucket

Dragging a mop bucket filled with dirty water from room to room creates more messes than it cleans. Try this bucketless mopping technique: Take one 16-ounce spray bottle, add a few drops of your favorite floor cleaner and fill it with water. Insert the spray nozzle and shake well. Spray floors and mop with damp microfiber mop heads (use anywhere from 1-3 per room). When done, simply pop the dirty mop heads into the washing machine.

Shower Power

Showers tend to get grimy for one simple reason: everyone hates cleaning them. But the trick to keeping them tidy is doing a small amount of scrubbing every day. You don’t have to keep a giant brush and bottles of cleaning solutions in your bathing space. Get a soap dispensing dish wand (like you use in your kitchen), fill with your favorite dish soap and hang it in the shower. Scour a little bit each time you’re in there, and you’ll never have to face one giant scrub-a-thon again!

Fan Out

Ceiling fans are not only colossal dust magnets, they are notoriously hard to wipe down using regular cleaning cloths (which send the accumulated dirt flying everywhere). But a solution is right there in your linen closet: pillowcases. Fill a spray bottle with water and two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar, then spray the inside of a pillowcase with the solution. Carefully slip the pillowcase onto each blade, wiping it clean and keeping the dust trapped inside the case.

The Brush-Off

Moving all your furniture isn’t necessary in order to get at the hidden dirt. Use a stiff paintbrush around (and slightly under) each piece to coax out the accumulated dust, pet hair, etc. so you can easily vacuum it up without having to manhandle a couch out of the way.

Try one or more of these tips, and welcome spring with a sparkling clean home!

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