Start Fresh: Fun ways to welcome Spring

The late Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” And after months of staying inside to avoid colder temps (and possibly several feet of snow), there are probably many of us who share his sentiment. So, now is the ideal time to shake off those winter doldrums with some simple yet inspired ways to celebrate the seasonal shift.

Here are just a few thoughts to get you started:

Get Classical

Music sets the mood for everything from our daily routine to major life events. So, why not use it to start spring on a positive note? (Questionable musical pun intended.) The classical music genre is rich with pieces that commemorate the season of renewal, such as Beethoven’s “Spring Sonata” and Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” Instrumental isn’t your speed? Put on any tunes that make your spirit soar!

Amazing Aromatics

Fresh herbs are an easy way to take almost any meal from marginal to magnificent. And the good news is, you don’t need a green thumb to plant and maintain your own herb garden, either in the yard or on a windowsill. There is also a multitude of self-contained countertop garden kits on the market (some even include LED grow lights) that are great for smaller living spaces. Start with a few complementary combos like sweet basil, rosemary and thyme or chives, arugula and dill, then let your culinary creativity expand from there!

For the Birds

Spring is northern migration time for many birds, so it won’t be long before your backyard is occupied by feathered friends looking for food. Welcome them back to the neighborhood by having a feeder filled with bird-approved favorites such as black oil sunflower seeds, millet and cracked corn. Or enlist the kids to make your own feeders. Gather up some pinecones, spread them with peanut butter and sprinkle with birdseed, then hang them from the trees with twine and watch the winged ones enjoy their treat!

Garden Party

After being cooped up indoors all winter, an alfresco afternoon among friends and family is a wonderful way to say hello to spring. Start the party off with drinks made from muddled fruit, summer craft beers or lemonade with sprigs of fresh mint or lavender. Serve a simple menu filled with fresh, seasonal foods. Stop by your local farmers market for inspiration and ask the vendors what’s good and how they like to prepare things. Lawn games like cornhole, bocce ball and croquet are classics, and if you’re on concrete, sidewalk chalk will keep kids (and possibly adults) engaged for hours.

Just Breathe

One of the best things about the arrival of spring is being able to open up the windows and let in some air and sunshine after months of stuffy artificial heat. Better yet, get outside for a long walk, or even a short lunchtime jaunt. Breathing in that fresh air on a daily basis can give you mental clarity and a natural energy boost.

Try a few of these tips to welcome the new season with ease and enjoyment!

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