Tips For A Safe & Spectacular Summer

With Memorial Day just around the corner and outdoor amenities reopening across the country after months in deep freeze, summer is here and ready to roll. Pool parties and outdoor sports are the order of the day, but so is the need to take a few simple precautions when enjoying this beautiful sun-soaked season.

Here are some easy ways to stay secure while enjoying the great outdoors:


When the temps become too hot to handle, heat exhaustion (or heat stroke) can sneak up on you. Take protective steps such as wearing loose fitting, lightweight clothing, drinking lots of fluids, and seeking shade or going indoors frequently. Some medications can affect the way your body processes heat, so a quick check-in with your doc to proactively address any concerns is a great idea.


No one likes their warm-weather fun interrupted by annoying bug bites. But with the advent of various mosquito-borne viruses, heading these flying foes off at the pass is even more important. The insect repellent choices are plentiful, ranging from DEET-based formulas to more natural solutions such as lemon eucalyptus or lavender oils. Whichever option you choose, if you are using sunscreen, apply it first, then let it dry before applying repellent.


A refreshing dip in the pool or lake is a hallmark of summer. And with a few simple guidelines in place, everyone can enjoy splashing in safety. Make sure the body of water matches your skill level (lakes and rivers require more strength to navigate due to the currents). Always have a first aid kit and list of emergency contacts available. And most importantly, keep your undivided attention on children or others with less experience around water. That one action alone could save a life according to the National Safety Council.


Nothing wrong with a little sun-kissed glow, but a bad sunburn can affect your body’s ability to cool itself. Grab a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and a beach umbrella for ready-made shade. And don’t skimp on the sunscreen. Use one that’s broad-spectrum with an SPF of at least 15 and reapply generously every two hours (especially if you’re swimming or sweating).


Just like you, your pets require more hydration as the temperatures rise (even if they’re indoors). Provide easy access to fresh, clean water 24/7, and don’t allow them to overexert themselves in the heat. And never leave any animals in the car, even if the outdoor weather seems mild. On a 70-degree sunny day the interior car temperature can climb to 104 degrees after only half an hour.

Integrate these simple safeguards into your activities and enjoy a wonderfully worry-free summertime!


  • MAY 1: May Day
  • MAY 5: Cinco de Mayo
  • MAY 6: National Nurses Day
  • MAY 8: National Teachers Day
  • MAY 13: Mother’s Day
  • MAY 15: Peace Officers Memorial Day
  • MAY 15: Ramadan
  • MAY 28: Memorial Day

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