Welcome Fall onto Your Front Porch

It’s not just your wardrobe that gets an overhaul when the temperature starts to dip—your front porch deserves one too! Throw on your favorite flannel and head outside to create a picture-perfect tableau celebrating the changing of the seasons. With these handy tips from House Beautiful, combined with your own creative talents and personal style, your house will be bursting with autumnal colors and themed décor that can warm your soul.

Add Fall Colors

To find inspiration for your fall color palette, look no further than the changing leaves on your trees. From lush reds to deep maroons to vivid oranges that blend into sun-kissed yellows, these colors will brighten up the front of your house.

Get Decked Out with Fall Décor

Think of your porch as a blank canvas that you can fill with decorative fall flair. A wreath showing off fall foliage will look great on the front door or street-facing windows. Pumpkins and decorative gourds are in season, come in a great variety of sizes and shapes, and can last for a month or more.

Put Your Green Thumb to Work

There are many plants that thrive in the cool, crisp fall air and are well-suited to potters that live on your front porch. Perhaps the best-known fall flower is the mum, adored for its heartiness and wide array of colors, including white, yellow, pink, lavender, red and bronze.

Brace for Winter

Before cold weather blows into town, fall is a great time to knock out some housekeeping items that will keep your front porch looking great all year long. Use a power washer to remove dirt or mold that accumulated over the summer. For porches constructed of wood, after power washing is the optimal time to stain or seal your structure. Around the base, be sure to remove leaves and trim back plants to help prevent mold, moss, and rot.

Celebrate the changing seasons of fall and spread fall cheer to all who pass by with pops of autumn colors, whimsical pumpkin displays, and fall-hearty plants.

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